6 Ways To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

6 Ways To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly



6 Ways To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly: Pet ownership is rewarding and demanding. Pets require vet visits, walks, healthy food, and family love. There are some simple ways to make sure your pet is happy in your home, whether you live in a big house or a small flat. Seven simple and practical ideas to create a pet-friendly home everyone will love are below. Let’s look at some simple ways to make your home the best place to raise a healthy and happy pet.

1. Space of room

Pets need room to run and play. Their size determines their space needs. A Saint Bernard in a tiny New York flat would be unfair to you and the dog. To ensure the pet has enough space to roam the house or play in the backyard, the home comes first. Cats can fit in almost any size space and don’t need to be taken outside, but dogs need more space to play and be walked.

2. Make a spot for them.

Just like you have a bed to sleep in, your dog or cat needs a place to relax. This gives them their own space and helps them relax during the day. Giving them a structured place to sleep will teach them not to jump in bed with you, which can cause problems for you and the pet, and they will feel more comfortable in their own space. Cats like to roam around all day, so this idea is harder to implement, but by conditioning them not to crawl into bed with you, they will sleep elsewhere. Dogs need structure to calm down, so a small dog bed in a calm, draft-free area is best.

3. Happy homes require pet furniture.

How your pet will react to your furniture is a major concern, especially if you work all day. It can be frustrating to come home to torn pillows and scratches on wooden furniture, but buying pet accessories and furniture will teach them to focus on their own stuff. Scratching posts and small toys keep cats busy all day. Dogs are more active and need toys they can play with alone or with their owners. You may think you’re indulging your pets, but you’ll be glad they’re too busy playing with their toys to rip up the carpet or upholstery.

4. Establish a dining area.

Eating and sleeping areas for pets are equally important. A quiet place to eat and drink water is essential for full, healthy meals. Always have a healthy water source and food bowl nearby so they can indulge throughout the day. Buying a food bowl that releases a certain amount of food at a time can help your pet lose weight by preventing overeating.

5. Robust fencing.

Having a good fence for your townhouse or single-family home will give you peace of mind about your pets. If they get loose outside without a leash, the fences will keep them in. If you have big dogs, make sure the fence is strong and durable so they can’t escape when another animal passes by. If you install a fence, you can also install a doggy door so your pet can come and go without supervision, preventing house accidents.

6. Decorate carefully.

When decorating your home, be careful what your pet can reach. There are many small pet threats around your home that you may not have considered. Cats and dogs can swallow or choke on small objects, poisonous house plants, and fragile items you don’t want broken. Pets can get bored while you’re at work, so make sure they have a comfortable space. Make sure these dangerous items are out of reach or in a separate room while you’re away to give everyone peace of mind.


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