7 Famous Presidential Pet Dogs in the History of the US

7 Famous Presidential Pet Dogs in the History of the US



7 Famous Presidential Pet Dogs in the History of the US: Thirty of the 45 US presidents had dogs in the White House, just like everyone else. It’s election season, so we’re looking at some of the most beloved presidential dogs in US history.

1 Hoover’s Belgian Malinois: King Tut

Hoovers adored pets. Big Ben, a Fox Terrier, and two alligators were among the family’s pets. However, King Tut is the most renowned Hoover pet. The most requested photo of President Hoover with his Belgian Malinois, King Tut.

He provided White House police patrol dog services. One film shows Herbert feeding King Tut at the White House dining table, expressing his love for him. In his final years, Tut avoided White House guests and lived with Hoover’s friend Senator F.C. Willcott. After King Tut died at 10, Willcott wrote a touching letter and erected a shrine in his courtyard.

2 Biden’s German Shepherd: Commander

Commander is Joe Biden’s third White House German Shepherd partner. First GSD Champ died in 2021, and second dog Major was relocated to live with family friends in Delaware after White House biting incidents.

James and Sara Biden, his brother and sister-in-law, gave Commander to the Bidens. His Puppy Bowl XVIII film with Jill Biden promoting pet love was his TV debut.

Joe called Commander “man’s best co-worker.” Commander has since kept President Biden company while he recovered from COVID-19. Commander has learned the White House quickly, and the president’s Twitter tweeted a cute video of him exploring.


7 Famous Presidential Pet Dogs in the History of the US
7 Famous Presidential Pet Dogs in the History of the US

Rob Roy — Calvin Coolidge’s Collie

Grace and Calvin Coolidge were among the most animal-loving White House residents. The family had two lions, a pygmy hippo, and a wallaby. Despite their impressive collection, the Coolidges’ two white Collies, Rob Roy and Prudence Prim, were their favorites pets.

Rob Roy is in Howard Chandler Christy’s Grace Coolidge painting in the White House China Room. His hatred of squirrels, sleeping in the president’s bedroom, and barking from the second level were well known. About Rob Roy’s death, Coolidge wrote, “So although I know he would bark for joy as the grim boatman ferried him across the dark waters of the Styx, yet his going left me lonely on the hither shore.”

4 Fido, Lincoln’s mutt

Perhaps the most famous presidential dog to never live in the White House is Fido. The popularity of “Fido” is also due to Lincoln’s mutt. As Lincoln’s political career began, Fido followed him around town, running errands and talking to locals. Fido didn’t like being a presidential pet and felt stressed by the large crowds, regular travelling, and loud noises.

The Lincolns found Fido a new home before moving into the White House. Lincoln made guidelines for Fido’s new pet parents, including never leaving him tied up alone and never telling him off for muddy paws in the home. The new family received Lincoln’s sofa, which Fido liked to hide under when afraid.

5 Laddie Boy: Warren G. Harding’s Airedale Terrier

One of the first presidential dogs to receive regular journalistic coverage, Laddie Boy the Airedale Terrier was a significant part of Warren G. Harding’s presidency. Laddie Boy had a custom cabinet meeting chair and was Harding’s “Return to Normalcy” campaign poster boy. Official White House delegations were often met by him.

Laddie Boy also golfed with Harding, retrieving balls that hit trees. Laddie Boy’s second birthday cake was a magnificent dog biscuit cake. According to legend, Laddie Boy howled for three days before Harding’s 1923 death.

6 Fala, FDR’s Scottish Terrier

Fala, Murray the Outlaw of Falahill, is one of the most renowned presidential pets. Fala, FDR’s cheerful Scottish Terrier, sat by his feet at news conferences and cabinet meetings. Fala slept in the president’s bed and had a special bone for breakfast.

Fala’s pranks made him famous. Fala, a noted wanderer, was found outside the Treasury in downtown Washington. Fala lost hair after escaping a Navy ship. Clipped bits were souvenirs from sailors. Fala’s popularity during FDR’s presidency required a press secretary to sort his admirer mail.

7 Pete, Teddy’s Bulldog

Teddy Roosevelt had a variety of animals at the White House, including Josiah the badger, Maude the pig, and Bill the spotted hyena, like Calvin Coolidge. Roosevelt’s most renowned pet was Pete the Bulldog, despite his diverse animal collection.

Pete was notorious for killing squirrels and nipping White workers and guests’ ankles. After chasing the French Ambassador around the White House, Pete made headlines. Pete was banished from the White House to the Roosevelt family home.


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