Appetizers From the Kitchen

  • Age Dashi Tofu $5.50

    Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce, bonito flake

  • Hiyashi Tofu $6.25

    Cold soft tofu with ginger, green onion, bonito flake

  • Gyoza (5pcs) $6.25

    Japanese style meat pot stickers

  • Veggie Gyoza (5 Pcs) $6.25

    Japanese style veggie potstickers

  • Veggie Tempura $6.95

    Mixed vegetable tempura

  • Shrimp Tempura (4 Pcs) $7.95

    Shrimps tempura only

  • Mix Tempura $7.95

    2 shrimps and 6 vegetable tempura.

  • Chicken Kara $7.50

    Deep fried Chicken with spicy mayo

  • Jalapeno Boom $8.50

    Albacore with cream cheese inside jalapeno

  • Kaki Fried $8.95

    Deep fried oyster with tempura sauce, dry seaweed, green onion, bonito flake

  • Baked Mussel $9.95

    With spicy sauce, green onion, tobiko

  • Beef Short Rib $11.95

  • Soft Shell Crab $8.50

    Deep fried soft shell crab served with homemade salsa

  • Fresh Oyster (6 Pcs) $16.95

    6 pcs oyster, spicy radish, scallions, lemon, ponzu sauce

Udon Soup

  • Plain Udon Soup $7.50

  • Vegetable Udon Soup $8.50

    Mixed vegetable udon soup

  • Chicken Udon Soup $12.95

    Deep fried chicken and vegetables udon soup

  • Tempura Udon Soup $12.95

    Mixed tempura udon soup

  • Seafood Udon Soup $14.95

    Seafood and vegetables udon soup

  • Curry Udon $12.95

    Udon soup with curry sauce


Choose from pork flavor, miso flavor or soy flavor

  • Cha-Shu Ramen $13.50

    Cha-shu, fish cake, mushroom, bamboo shoot, egg, bean sprouts, corn, green onion, fried garlic, dry seaweed

  • Chicken Kara-Age Ramen $12.50

    Fried chicken, fish cake, bean sprouts, corn, green onion, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, dry seaweed

  • Vegetable Ramen $8.50

    Mix vegetables ramen soup

Main Dish

Served with soup, green salad and rice

  • Chicken Teriyaki $11.95

  • Salmon Teriyaki $13.95

  • Salmon Shioyaki $13.95

  • Saba Shioyaki $12.95

  • Beef Teriyaki $17.95

  • Chicken Katsu $12.95

    Chicken cutlet over rice with katsu sauce

  • Ton Katsu $12.95

    Pork cutlet over rice with katsu sauce

  • Oyako Don $11.95

    Chicken, mushroom, onion, egg over rice

  • Katsu Don$11.95

    Pork cutlet, mushroom, onion egg over rice

  • Unagi Don $16.95

    BBQ eel over rice with unagi sauce

  • Chicken Katsu Curry Dish $12.95

    Deep fried chicken cutlet with homemade curry sauce over

  • Ton Katsu Curry Dish $12.95

    Deep fried pork chop cutlet with homemade curry sauce over rice

On the Grill


  • Shishito Pepper $5.95

    Japanese style shishito pepper skewers

  • Shiitake $4.95

    BBQ mushroom with daikon, ponzu sauce

  • Asparagus $5.95

    BBQ asparagus with garlic salt

  • Chicken Skewers $5.95

    Chicken and scallion skewers with special sauce

  • Beef Skewers $7.95

    Rib eye beef with black pepper special sauce

  • Sake Kama $8.95

    Grilled salmon collar with salt and pepper serve with ponzu sauce

  • Ika Sugatayaki $12.95

    Grilled whole squid

  • Hamachi Kama $17.95

    Grilled yellowtail collar with salt and pepper serve with ponzu sauce

  • Ebi Bacon $5.95

    Grilled cooked shrimp wrapped with bacon

  • Mochi Bacon $5.95

    Grilled Japanese rice cake wrapped with bacon

Chef Special

  • Midnight Oyster (2 Pcs) $10.95

    Oyster, uni, ikura, quail egg, scallions, ponzu

  • Fish Tacos (2 Pcs) $8.95

    Seared albacore, salmon, avocado, homemade salsa on fried nori

  • Ankimo $11.50

    Monkfish liver, spicy radish, sweet onion, green onion, ponzu sauce

  • Escolar Carpaccio $12.95

    Butter fish, jalapeno, sweet onion, ikura, ponzu sauce

  • Albacore Tataki $12.95

    White tuna, spicy radish, sweet onion, scallions, tataki sauce

  • Beef Tataki $14.95

    Sliced beef, fried garlic, onion, scallions, black pepper, garlic ponzu sauce

  • Hamachi Tataki $12.95

    Hamachi top with tomato, jalapeno, mango, avocado and special sauce

  • Hamachi Carpaccio $12.95

    Hamachi, fried garlic, onion with carpaccio sauce

  • Poke Special Salad $11.95

    Tuna, octopus, cucumbers, tobiko, seaweed salad, sweet onion

  • Seafood Salad $14.95

    Assorted fish, mix green, garlic dressing, olives oil

  • Plum Salmon Sashimi $14.95

    Shiso leaf, slices lemon and jalapeno, fresh wasabi, plum sauce, olives oil


  • Miso Soup $1.95

    Tofu, seaweed, green onion

  • Sushi Rice $2.95

  • White Rice $2.25

  • Fresh Wasabi $3.50

  • Edamame $4.25

    Boiled bean

  • Garlic Edamame $5.95

    Edamame with house garlic sauce

  • Wakame Salad $5.50

    Seaweed salad

  • Tako Sunomono $5.50

    Octopus, cucumber salad with vinegar dressing

  • Ocean Sunomono $10.50

    Mixed seafood, cucumber salad with vinegar dressing

  • Green Salad $4.95


  • Ice Cream $3.95

    Green tea only

  • Mochi Ice Cream $3.95

    Green tea, mango, strawberry

  • Green Tea Cheesecake $5.95

    Japanese style green tea cheesecake


  • Soda $2.25

    Coke, diet coke, sprite

  • Small Sparking Water $5.50

  • Ramune Drink $3.50

    Original flavor